You are living in a pond. You are one of those fishes with eyes on either side and all you know is the underwater world of sediment, vegetation and your fellow fishes gently swimming around you. The sunlight comes in, dimmed and refracted through the water. You go about your life convinced that your liquid world is all there is. However, there do exist some entirely different worlds outside. But how did you known ?

String theory, which attempts to reconcile Relativity with Quantum Mechanics, only works if we assume there are much more than the four dimensions we’re used to. Exactly eleven dimensions, forming a Multiverse, where universes are bubbles that sometimes come together or split apart. All these realities, combined with scientific possibility of reversing time, have been from long feeled and described in all civilisations. Through dreams, mystic and psychotic visions, with eventual help of drugs like sacred mushrooms containing psilocybin.

Black hole

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